Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Puppies Over Hair Falls

I was going to be doing a blog about all the new Hair Falls I have been making and listing, but decided to wait until I get a hold of my model, she is so cute wait till you see her in my hair falls. I also have a cute kid to model for me too. I am thrilled to get the chance to show off all the new work I have been doing in that area, but today instead I am going to be sharing puppies!!

This was an interesting photo shoot, I was at a friend's house were on top of her three dogs, she was babysitting 2 dogs, and another friend brought over his for a total of 6 very active dogs!! This was not a full shoot as we had a birthday to celebrate but I am thrilled to have gotten some great shots of these very cute and very different pups!

First we have Alex, he is a gorgeous Yellow Lab mix, with the best personality as is the nature of his main breed

Tara is a pit bull, lab, and probably more, American Mutt, she is a doll, and such a character

Next we have Fiona she is a Chihuahua, and a little toughy, she is all boss

Buddy is one of the Pomeranians not helpful when it comes to sitting still for photos, but a big sweetie

Marshmellow who was the most photogenic of the day,

And Roxy, the Dachshund mix, who is a mile a minute, toe licker, crazy sweet pup

This is just a taste of what I took, I can't wait to share more here and on Flickr. I will also be selling some of these images on Etsy, some will be used to raised money for animal charities. I hope you enjoy these!


Designs by Jenean said...

Your babies are beautiful. Isn't is wonderful the different personalities dogs have. They can make a good day out of a bad day any day.

KreatedbyKarina said...

Your talent in photography is amazing!

KieutiePie said...

EEEK those puppies are so cute!!!

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Peldyn said...

I just love the puppy pictures!