Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where some of your donations go

I was raised to support charities, my mother has been giving to Guide Dogs of American and several other charities as long as I can remember. I was told to find a way to help by way of the things you love and enjoy.

Many years ago when my husband was only my boyfriend we had the chance to rescue a Basset Hound named Samantha (aka Sam). My husband grew up with Basset Hounds and was thrilled to have Sam come into our lives. She was funny, cute, stubborn, and all the wonderful things that come from being a Basset Hound. Though she was not a breed I would have originally chosen she quickly worked her way into both our hearts and became the very best friend to my Great Dane Harly Quinn. They were quite a pair walking down the streets. And no matter what anyone guessed Sam was the boss. She showed me just how great Basset Hounds could be!

We had came across this rescue BARNI at one point and decided for my husbands birthday we should go and visit. We took Harly and Sam and what fun was that! It was just feet and ears and this one giant beanpole in the middle (Harly). They had the best time and after talking to those in charge we just knew this was a group we wanted to support!

Over the years we have had to say goodbye to our dearest Sam and then Harly, but in their memory and honor we still try to get out and visit these cuties at least once a year and send donations often. These are wonderful dogs who come from so many places and in the end just need love and care. The people who help them are wonderful and do such a great job with these guys.

We went out this past Sunday for our annual trip and I was thrilled to get some wonderful pictures of some of the dogs. I am going to try and get some information about each one too from BARNI. I have already had a few listings on my ETSY and through EFA (Etsy for Animals) supporting this Rescue, but I am thrilled to now be offering prints of the very dogs you will be helping! All of my EFA/BARNI listings will have 100% of the listing price going to this amazing charity!! Also feel free to send a direct donation to the charity and I will offer you 20% your purchase at any of my etsy shops.

Even if you are not a Basset Hound Fan (and why aren't you?) this is such a great rescue that deserve lots of attention and donations. Go visit the Bassets give them a belly rub and always help where you can!

Basset Rescue

See more photos on my flickr

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dancers Dancing

Well I am so thrilled I just spent two days with some of the most amazing dancers.

My day started actually as a performer so dance with "Sirens of the Scimitar" and then I moved out to the audience and started taking photos of some of the amazing Dancers. I am still new to performance photography but I just love taking pictures this way.

The day with filled with Caberet, Tribal Fusion, ATS and more. I got a little of each style I believe throughout the day. I also got some shots in the vending area as well that were really fun.

Back Bend
A Back Bend into a Turkish Drop

Faizeh Posed as always

Desert Lotus Tribal Troupe
Desert Lotus Tribal Group

Galaxy in a very Unusual and Fun performace

So that was Saturday, Sunday I was off to the amazing Gothla, an event dedicated to Gothic Belly Dancing. I sadly missed the amazing performances the night before being at Day of the Dance and taking a friend to get her piercing. So Sunday I was out to take two classes with some awesome teachers. Then it was off to the club. When taking shots of some of the Dancers I decided to play with some settings and got a few amazing shots.



So that was a little of the weekend for me, I am tired, I am sore and don't regret one second! Thanks Dancers for an amazing weekend!