Monday, February 11, 2008

Dancers Dancing

Well I am so thrilled I just spent two days with some of the most amazing dancers.

My day started actually as a performer so dance with "Sirens of the Scimitar" and then I moved out to the audience and started taking photos of some of the amazing Dancers. I am still new to performance photography but I just love taking pictures this way.

The day with filled with Caberet, Tribal Fusion, ATS and more. I got a little of each style I believe throughout the day. I also got some shots in the vending area as well that were really fun.

Back Bend
A Back Bend into a Turkish Drop

Faizeh Posed as always

Desert Lotus Tribal Troupe
Desert Lotus Tribal Group

Galaxy in a very Unusual and Fun performace

So that was Saturday, Sunday I was off to the amazing Gothla, an event dedicated to Gothic Belly Dancing. I sadly missed the amazing performances the night before being at Day of the Dance and taking a friend to get her piercing. So Sunday I was out to take two classes with some awesome teachers. Then it was off to the club. When taking shots of some of the Dancers I decided to play with some settings and got a few amazing shots.



So that was a little of the weekend for me, I am tired, I am sore and don't regret one second! Thanks Dancers for an amazing weekend!

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