Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Puppies Over Hair Falls

I was going to be doing a blog about all the new Hair Falls I have been making and listing, but decided to wait until I get a hold of my model, she is so cute wait till you see her in my hair falls. I also have a cute kid to model for me too. I am thrilled to get the chance to show off all the new work I have been doing in that area, but today instead I am going to be sharing puppies!!

This was an interesting photo shoot, I was at a friend's house were on top of her three dogs, she was babysitting 2 dogs, and another friend brought over his for a total of 6 very active dogs!! This was not a full shoot as we had a birthday to celebrate but I am thrilled to have gotten some great shots of these very cute and very different pups!

First we have Alex, he is a gorgeous Yellow Lab mix, with the best personality as is the nature of his main breed

Tara is a pit bull, lab, and probably more, American Mutt, she is a doll, and such a character

Next we have Fiona she is a Chihuahua, and a little toughy, she is all boss

Buddy is one of the Pomeranians not helpful when it comes to sitting still for photos, but a big sweetie

Marshmellow who was the most photogenic of the day,

And Roxy, the Dachshund mix, who is a mile a minute, toe licker, crazy sweet pup

This is just a taste of what I took, I can't wait to share more here and on Flickr. I will also be selling some of these images on Etsy, some will be used to raised money for animal charities. I hope you enjoy these!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Le Chat Noir Studios

I decided that while I don't want to be your standard shop blog featuring artists regularly, I do want to share some of those shops that make me have total Fan Girl moments. I am starting with one of my most favorite shops on Etsy and am thrilled!!

I came across this shop on Etsy early on and her style, attention to detail and the character she gives her pieces is just AMAZING! I have seen other sculpture artists but too many of them seemed to work from the same sets of book patterns but Chat Noir has pieces unlike I have ever seen before.

I check her shop often to get a peek at what Lovecraftian inspired creatures she has brought to her "Pet Shop of the Old One's". My list of favorite's is very long, but I tend to love her sweet and unusual Cats the very best. Some are trim and smooth and some are little hair sweets like this one.

I like that she has many unique pieces but her prices also fit so many budgets. Which is nice when adding to a new collection. This little wonder comes in at only $20,

While this piece is $120

Besides the stunning Art Dolls this shop also offers, hand cast Resin Eyes for other artists, cool jewelry, and these really funky Skull Keychains and magnets,

I also love the new addition of a Coloring Book! It has great looking pages with perfect to color designs that would be great for kids or adults, and you can frame them after your done!

But in the end the main reason I go back to her shop is her dolls. I must have been very good this year since my sister spoiled me with "Luna Blue" she is even more stunning in person and I could go on and on about how cool she is but until you touch one of these pieces you really can't appreciate it fully. Her little necklace with a moon is probably my favorite little detail!

I really hope that everyone who appreciates stunning work and a unique eye with check out Le Chat Noir on their

And last but not least if you love their stuff or my blog please send me $1 or $2 or just buy me this because I think this really would make an awesome shop Mascot! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My newest photo shots

I thought besides sharing information about bath and body as I expand my blog and focus I would also give you updates on some of the shoots I have gone out on.

My recent trip was right after the new year, out to the desert. Living in Lancaster I am right on the edge between full blown Suburia and the open desert. It is so great having the ability to go out into this underappreciated enviroment.

My favorite time to visit the desert is in the Winter there is a strange feel to the desert this time of year with its solitude and gray tones. The sky has a deep blue tone that contrasts with the monotone colors of the desert floor.

I went out to a "hidden" location, it's a long abandoned stone building that might have been a house at one time, that sits off a well traveled road but because of its stone build it blends right in with the butte it sits in front of.

The sky was blue and the weather was good while I was out. I wandered and took pictures of the building the Joshua Trees and then came across trash piles. This makes me so sad. I hate to see the dumping out in such otherwise untouched nature.

I also took a few Macro shots mostly focusing on the dead Joshua Trees and the Cactus I saw. Most people think Joshua Trees are Cactus but they are not. They are really beautful and amazing trees. I have heard them called the Sentinels of the Desert and I love that thought. May favorite pair look like a couple dancing. This shot is of a natural heart in the bark.

I also went out to photograph a film location. One day when I was back in school I saw this building built so quickly that I thought it would be torn down after they used it, but over 15 years later it is still there and has grown to include a "gas station", "motel" and a small building up the road that is not a "real" structure more of a moveable shed type building.

These building have been used for Music Videos including R.E.M's Man in the Moon, Commercials, Movies including a Rob Zombie film, and TV including X-Files (they "blew" up this gas station). I love that these structures look old and get changed up every so often depending on how they are being used.

I love the desert and love to share its unique beauty with everyone, I hope you enjoy these shots, if you would like to see more please check out my Flickr

I will have more soon, including a bit on my new Roadside Memorials series.

Great Facts Site for Etsy Sellers

I thought I would share this amazing site with you! One of the sellers on Etsy created this site to process your views, hearts and item hearts all

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Featured in Blog

I am thrilled to announce that one of my prints is being featured on this great new blog!!
Make sure you check herout she did a great job!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Bad Monkey!

I have been a very bad blogger!

But expect news very soon!