Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tattoo Sessions

I was thrilled to start my newest tattoo a few weeks back and I used it as a great photography session. I won't lie it's very weird bending and taking pictures as some one is working on you but I really enjoyed it so much! Some of these may or may not be offered for sale since I am bit protective of my piece, especially since it is so unique and something I have been working on so long.

Then I found out a good friend was getting her back done so I decided to bring out the camera for her piece and again it was a lot of fun, but at the same time more difficult to photograph. The room was small and lots of people came to see the process. Sadly I didn't get all the shots I would have liked, but that is the interesting part of this process, like I can't tell the flowers not to move in the wind, I can't tell the tattoo artist to pose for a second cause I want to line up a great shot. It's just part of doing the photojournalistic style.

I thought it would be a while before I got another chance to shot a tattoo session and then on the drive home from watching my friend get her tattoo, my husband decided it was his turn. So off to the tattoo shop we went one week after I started my piece, 4 days after my friends, my husband started his piece.

This one was the most fun, since I had a small window on the other side of the chair to get my macro lens in and was able to get some really cool pictures. I found the process so interesting from behind the lens and was able to get some needle shots.

Sadly though I am not going to get photos of the next sessions on either tattoo. My husbands is already finished and stunning I am going to get some healing shots today. My friend is getting her next session this weekend sadly while I will be off dancing.

You can see them here and I will be posting more from the sessions soon

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