Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Etsy News!!

I have big news for my Etsy stores!

First I am going to begin selling pendants of my photos VERY soon in my ImagesbyAileen Shop. I also have some ideas that are running through my head regarding special collage pieces in both wall sized as well as ACEO's. These should be really unique and special, if they work out like I see them in my head haha!!!

is going to be moving in a slightly different direction with even more great dance and faire pieces and hopefully if all goes well the return of more Computer Belt Buckles!!! It looks like I might also be taking my pieces to one of the local Renaissance Faires starting in May!

Fairycat and all my lovely bath treats is also making some changes I am going to be offering magickal bath salts, changing the formula of the Tat Cream to an all vegan blend and offering more wine soap!! Fairycat also might be showing up in some new places for sale in the real world so I am very excited about all that!

I also wanted to remind everyone that as soon as the Renaissance Faire in Southern California starts I will be unavailable on weekends for six weekends. Its an exciting and busy time for me once faire seasons starts but its so thrilling I can't wait.

I hope everyone enjoys the new changes I am so excited!!!

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